4 -5 Year Old Program

M-T-W-TH 9:00-11:30


Class-size will be limited to 12 children. One teacher and one aide will conduct this class. A child who is four years old by September 1st will be considered for this class.

It is our desire that we provide a quality, educational, preschool experience for each child at Thomas Christian Preschool. We want to ensure the children are in a loving, Christian environment at all times. In the four year old class we provide many activities to ensure each child social and emotional growth is a healthy one. Every activity is carefully prepared by the teachers.

TCP offers two enrichment classes for the Bears.
1. Full S.T.E.A.M Ahead ($15 per class) which will focus on science, technology, engineering, art & math.
2. Tasty Tuesdays ($15 per class), which will focus on the children following recipes to make a dish for them to eat, and understanding a healthy diet.

Art is one of the most important parts of the 4’s curriculum. The children are very active in making their “own” art creations. The teacher will demonstrate the art activity for the day and the students will follow directions and also use their own imagination. Many art projects allow for freedom with the art supplies to encourage the child to use their imagination. We continue to develop fine motor skills, such as cutting, writing, and putting puzzles together.

Math is taught through various approaches. The children count each day, learn new numbers, and play games to develop math skills. Some math games include counting, sorting objects and placing objects in categories. These techniques are very useful and the children learn so quickly.

Science experiments help children explore their surroundings. We discuss bugs, animals, rocks, trees, flowers, weather, and much more. We even take the children on a nature walk and allow the children the opportunity to tell us about nature and science. Children always seem to enjoy finding new information about these topics.

Language development is extremely important for young children. Each month we have a show and tell, which gives each child a chance to talk about what they brought into show the class. We always have discussions about different subjects, flannel board stories, poems, finger plays, and most importantly, books. Each child will check out one book weekly and keep it in the classroom to use. Parents are frequently encouraged to read to their child every day to ensure success in their child’s schooling in the years to come.

Dramatic Play, Music and Movement encourage free expression and also allow the children to use their imagination.  We give the many opportunities to use puppets, dress up clothes, blocks and many others.  We use music to teach the children their alphabet, numbers, shapes days of the week, and months of the year.