Paying tuition

Tuition can be paid directly to the Preschool staff when you come to drop off or pick up your child on the first day of every month or tuition may be delivered to the Preschool Office.

Remember, we do not operate for profit so TCP is funded only by monthly tuition payments. Families are responsible for paying each month’s full tuition, whether the child attends one day or every day (due to illness or vacation). Tuition for the year is divided into nine (9) equal payments, September through May and our excellent Teachers are paid their salary whether the student attends or misses some days. If you are going to be late, please advise us on the first; If a grace period is extended, you must pay before the tenth of the month and a $5.00 late fee will be due.
If early withdrawal becomes necessary, the tuition responsibility ends 30 days after the Director is notified in writing.
The Pre-School Board will make decisions regarding the removal from school of those students whose families have not paid tuition.