Daily Schedule for the Thomas 2s

Thursdays 9:10-11:20am
9:10 Arrival  Opening activities getting to know each other and the world through songs, stories and topics of interest

9:20 Circle time: songs, learning who classmates are, stories, communication skills

9:40 Table time: playdough, water painting, etc.

9:45 Worship time with Pastor Bill: a story and a prayer!

10:00 Free play

10:15: Wash up and get ready for a snack

10:20 Snack/Drink

10:30 Craft

10:50: Free play,( potty visits, diaper changes)

11:10 Clean Up

11:15 Together Time and Dismissal at 11:20

We follow Thomas Christian Preschool Cancellation/ Delay announcements. If we have a 2-hour delay we begin at 10:10 and dismiss at 12 noon. If preschool is cancelled we are cancelled. There will always be a recorded message on the Directors machine. Call 724-941-3845